Wooden Box Set

Game Type > Tile Game

  • Vintage/antique Asian Mah Jong Game Set Bone & Bamboo Tiles Wooden Box
  • Antique Mahjong Tile Set With Quaint Wooden Box With The Characters B Tile B
  • Antique Bamboo Mahjong Tile Set With Beautiful Karaki Wooden Box
  • Vintage Chinese Mahjong Game Set In Wooden Box Complete Appears Virtually Unused
  • 1920's French Ivory Mah Jongg Set Complete With All Tiles In Box 5 Wooden Trays
  • Vintage 1920s Mahjong Bone & Bamboo Full Set In Wooden Box 144 Tiles, 120 Sticks
  • 1920's Chinese Bovine Bone & Bamboo Dovetailed Mahjong Set With Wooden Box